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PRINTABLE TEST (answers on the bottom of the page)
Test Type: Mock Bike Theory Test
Number of Questions: 50
Pass Mark: 43

1) What does this sign mean?

2) It is vital to check the 'blind area' before

3) Where would you see this sign?


4) You have just passed your test.
How can you reduce your risk of being involved in a collision?

5) Where can you find reflective amber studs on a motorway?

6) What does this traffic sign mean?

7) What does this sign mean?

8) You are approaching a busy junction. There are several lanes with road markings. At the last moment you realise that you are in the wrong lane.
You should

9) You have a CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) certificate. How long is it valid?

10) When being followed by an ambulance showing a flashing blue beacon you should

11) When carrying extra weight on a motorcycle, you may need to make adjustments to the
3 answers required

12) You are riding up to a zebra crossing. You intend to stop for waiting pedestrians.
How could you let them know you are stopping?

13) What is a main cause of road traffic incidents among young and new motorcyclists?

14) Which vehicle is most likely to take an unusual course at a roundabout?

15) What is the 'lifesaver' when riding a motorcycle?

16) You're in a one-way street and want to turn right. There are two lanes. Where should you position your vehicle?

17) You are travelling on a motorway. You decide you need a rest.
You should

18) You intend to go abroad and will be riding on the right-hand side of the road.
What should you fit to your motorcycle?

19) What does this sign mean?

20) How will a school crossing patrol signal you to stop?

21) Which THREE of these do you need before you can use a vehicle on the road legally?
3 answers required

22) What should you use your horn for?

23) You are involved in a collision. Because of this which THREE of these documents may the police ask you to produce?
3 answers required

24) In good conditions, what is the typical stopping distance at 70 mph?

25) Which THREE of these can cause skidding?
3 answers required

26) You are intending to leave the motorway at the next exit.
Before you reach the exit you should normally position your motorcycle

27) Your motorcycle is fitted with a top box. It is unwise to carry a heavy load in the top box because it may
3 answers required

28) Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable

29) What does this motorway sign mean?
traffic sign

30) You have a faulty oil seal on a shock absorber.
Why is this a serious problem?

31) You are approaching this sign. Who has priority?

32) You have just passed your practical motorcycle test. This is your first full licence.
Within two years you get six penalty points.
You will have to

2 answers required

33) What does this sign mean?

34) Your overall stopping distance will be longer when riding

35) What is the meaning of this traffic sign?

36) You arrive at a serious motorcycle crash. The motorcyclist is unconscious and bleeding.
Your THREE main priorities should be to

3 answers required

37) You can park on the right-hand side of a road at night

38) What percentage of all emissions does road transport account for?

39) Motorcyclists are only allowed to use high intensity rear fog lights when

40) Why should you be careful when riding on roads where electric trams operate?
2 answers required

41) Pillion passengers should

42) You are riding a motorcycle of more than 50 cc.
Which FOUR would make a tyre illegal?

4 answers required

43) You are approaching a roundabout. There are horses just ahead of you. What should you do?

44) You are on a road with passing places. It is only wide enough for one vehicle. There is a car coming towards you.
What should you do?

45) A loose drive chain on a motorcycle could cause

46) Why is it more difficult to overtake a large vehicle than a car?

47) You are travelling behind a bus that pulls up at a bus stop. What should you do?

48) Your motorcycle has broken down on a motorway. How will you know the direction of the nearest emergency telephone?

49) On a motorway what is used to reduce traffic bunching?

50) Which of the following vehicles will use blue flashing beacons?
3 answers required

1. c 11. a,c,d 21. a,b,d 31. b 41. c
2. d 12. d 22. a 32. b,e 42. b,c,d,e
3. d 13. b 23. b,d,e 33. b 43. c
4. d 14. d 24. d 34. c 44. d
5. c 15. b 25. b,d,e 35. c 45. d
6. c 16. a 26. b 36. a,c,f 46. a
7. c 17. b 27. a,d,e 37. a 47. b
8. a 18. b 28. c 38. b 48. b
9. b 19. c 29. d 39. c 49. a
10. a 20. c 30. b 40. a,b 50. b,c,d

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