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PRINTABLE TEST (answers on the bottom of the page)
Test Type: Mock Bike Theory Test
Number of Questions: 50
Pass Mark: 43

1) You wish to turn right ahead. Why should you take up the correct position in good time?

2) When riding a motorcycle your normal road position should allow
2 answers required

3) Before taking a practical motorcycle test you need

4) What does this sign mean?

5) To avoid a collision when entering a contraflow system, you should
3 answers required

6) A police officer asks to see your documents. You do not have them with you.
You may be asked to take them to a police station within

7) You are on a motorway. Luggage falls from your motorcycle.
What should you do?

8) A cover note is a document issued before you receive your

9) Diamond-shaped signs give instructions to

10) You arrive at a serious motorcycle crash. The motorcyclist is unconscious and bleeding.
Your THREE main priorities should be to

3 answers required

11) As well as planning your route before starting a journey, you should also plan an alternative route.
Why is this?

12) What basic rule applies when you're using a motorway?

13) What does this sign mean?

14) Why should you be careful when riding on roads where electric trams operate?
2 answers required

15) What should you do when driving or riding along a motorway?

16) You are about to emerge from a junction.
Your pillion passenger tells you it's clear.
When should you rely on their judgement?

17) You should ONLY flash your headlights to other road users

18) You are overtaking a motorcyclist in strong winds.
What should you do?

19) You are riding a motorcycle of more than 50 cc.
Which FOUR would make a tyre illegal?

4 answers required

20) Which of the following information is found on your motorcycle registration document?
3 answers required

21) You have just passed your test.
How can you reduce your risk of being involved in a collision?

22) Usually, on a motorway, how far from the exit is the first sign showing the junction number?

23) What does this sign mean?

24) You are approaching a busy junction. There are several lanes with road markings. At the last moment you realise that you are in the wrong lane.
You should

25) What is a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) declaration?

26) You are intending to leave the motorway at the next exit.
Before you reach the exit you should normally position your motorcycle

27) Motorcyclists are only allowed to use high intensity rear fog lights when

28) What does this motorway sign mean?
traffic sign

29) When joining a motorway you must always

30) Which vehicle will use a blue flashing beacon?

31) How will a school crossing patrol signal you to stop?

32) You are travelling on a motorway. You decide you need a rest.
You should

33) When overtaking at night you should

34) What does this sign mean?

35) You are going through a long tunnel. What will warn you of congestion or an incident ahead?

36) Which of the following vehicles will use blue flashing beacons?
3 answers required

37) You get cold and wet when riding. Which TWO are likely to happen?
2 answers required

38) You intend to go abroad and will be riding on the right-hand side of the road.
What should you fit to your motorcycle?

39) Your motorcycle is fitted with a top box. It is unwise to carry a heavy load in the top box because it may
3 answers required

40) You are riding slowly in a town centre. Before turning left you should glance over your left shoulder to

41) You are riding behind a long vehicle. There is a mini-roundabout ahead.
The vehicle is signalling left, but positioned to the right.
You should

42) On a motorway what is used to reduce traffic bunching?

43) It is vital to check the 'blind area' before

44) You think the driver of the vehicle in front has forgotten to cancel their right indicator.
You should

45) The road is wet. Why might a motorcyclist steer round drain covers on a bend?

46) You can park on the right-hand side of a road at night

47) What should you do when you're approaching a bus that's signalling to move away from a bus stop?

48) What does this sign mean?

49) It is very cold and the road looks wet. You cannot hear any road noise.
You should

2 answers required

50) Your mobile phone rings while you're travelling. What should you do?

1. c 11. b 21. d 31. c 41. c
2. b,d 12. b 22. b 32. b 42. a
3. c 13. b 23. a 33. d 43. d
4. a 14. a,b 24. a 34. b 44. d
5. a,c,d 15. a 25. c 35. c 45. b
6. b 16. a 26. b 36. b,c,d 46. a
7. a 17. d 27. c 37. a,d 47. b
8. b 18. a 28. d 38. b 48. c
9. a 19. b,c,d,e 29. d 39. a,d,e 49. b,e
10. a,c,f 20. a,d,f 30. b 40. a 50. c

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