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Test Type: Bike - Vulnerable road users
Number of Questions: 10
Pass Mark: 10
Motorcycle Theory Test Section Six - Vulnerable road users

1) What does this sign mean?

2) Where would you see this sign?


3) Which TWO should you allow extra room when overtaking?
2 answers required

4) You are riding on a country lane. You see cattle on the road.
You should

3 answers required

5) You have just passed your test.
How can you reduce your risk of being involved in a collision?

6) What is a main cause of road traffic incidents among young and new motorcyclists?

7) You have stopped at a pelican crossing. A disabled person is crossing slowly in front of you.
The lights have now changed to green.
You should

2 answers required

8) How will a school crossing patrol signal you to stop?

9) You are following a motorcyclist on an uneven road.
You should

10) At night you see a pedestrian wearing reflective clothing and carrying a bright red light.
What does this mean?

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