How to Check Flat Battery

Caution! Do not expose the battery to flames or electrical sparks. Hydrogen gas generated by battery action is highly combustible. Do not allow battery fluid to contact your skin, eyes, fabrics or paint work.

Keep battery surface clean and dry. Any corrosion (That 'white powder' that appears around the terminals) should be washed off with a solution of baking soda and water.
Make certain the terminal connections are clean and securely tightened.
If the vehicle is not to be used for 30 days or longer, disconnect the negative "-" battery terminal cable to prevent battery discharge


Normally the battery does not require additional water, however adding distilled water may be necessary during the battery life. It should be between the "MIN" mark and the edge of the lid (See diagram above).

If it is necessary to add fluid, add only DISTILLED water to raise the level in each cell to the maximum mark. Do not overfill.

To add water to the cells first remove the cell caps.
Add distilled water up to the "MAX" level.
Refit the cell caps ensuring that they are securely fastened

That's it. The battery has been checked.

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