Defensive & Advanced Driving Courses

We are pleased to be working in partnership with a national advanced & defensive driver training provider that offers driving courses to companies across the UK. Although the vast majority of customers are businesses, they also provide driver training to private motorists, who wish to improve their driving.

As one of the best know driver training websites in the UK, we know the advantages that investing in defensive and advanced driving courses can bring.

Since the introduction of the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007, organisations can now be found guilty of corporate manslaughter, which has made companies think more about their duty of care in terms of driving at work.

Companies are also much more aware of the implications that poor driving can bring on an organisation, which is not always from a legal viewpoint. Many companies now understand how poor driving can impact on its brand image, a drivers morale, and also associated fleet costs, including excessive insurance and fuel bills.

Benefits of Defensive & Advanced Driver Training:

  • Increase driver safety
  • Lower fleet insurance
  • Lower fleet fuel costs
  • Improved company image
  • Demonstrates your duty of care
  • Provides a morale boost to drivers

Driver Training Options:

Defensive and advanced driver training can run for a full or half day per driver. Around 90% of companies opt for the half-day (3.5hrs) a driver, as this tends to be most cost and time effective. For example if you are looking to train 10 drivers, this could be done over 5 days, training 2 drivers a day.
  • Full Day - 7hrs from £320 a driver
  • Half Day - 3.5hrs from £160 a driver
Training is flexible and based wherever you are. Having national coverage means training can start from your own office or wherever you wish. Training can also be split on different sites and dates.

What is Covered:

During a typical training session a wide range of driving elements are covered, including the following:
  • Forward planning and observation
  • Creating a positive driving attitude
  • How to deal with different road types (motorways, rural, town)
  • How to drive in a more eco-safe way
  • Rules of the road
  • Dealing with adverse weather conditions
  • Skid control theory
  • Car control
  • Other advanced and defensive driving techniques
All training takes place in a drivers car or van. The sessions are designed to be interesting, enjoyable and highly interactive, where the session is designed around the needs and requirements of the driver. We understand no two drivers are the same, and so the courses are designed to reflect this.

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