Video Lesson
Dealing with blue lights and sirens of an emergency vehicle

If an ambulance, fire engine, police or other emergency vehicle approaches using flashing blue lights, headlights and/or sirens, keep off the road or consider the route of the emergency vehicle and take appropriate action to let it pass.

Don't Panic and still follow the rules of the Highway Code, like speed limits and traffic lights.

All vehicles on both sides of the road must slow down or even stop to leave a clear path, but do not endanger other road users. Don't stop in the middle of a junction. (If you're blocking the path of the emergency vehicle, you may have to turn the corner to get out of the way.)

The video below shows the correct procedure for dealing with an emergency vehicle when the blue lights and sirens are going.

Practice makes perfect, so get plenty of practice from a Approved Driving Instructor.

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