Thurs, 27th June, 2019

British motorists could have missed out on savings of nearly £5 million last year by not going online to apply for or renew their driving licence, according to new DVLA figures

News release from DVLA Press Office

Online applications now account for nearly 4 out of 5 provisional driving licence applications and around half of all driving licence renewals – an increase of around 10% over the last 3 years. A provisional licence costs £43 when applying by post, but only £34 online, with renewals costing £17 by post and £14 online.

But some drivers missed out on the savings last year with more than 1.2 million drivers posting their applications to DVLA.

online licence application

DVLA Chief Executive Julie Lennard said:

"Each year, more and more people are choosing to use our online services and it is always cheaper and quicker to renew your driving licence on GOV.UK. It’s also the quickest way for those who have lost or misplaced their licence to apply for a replacement."

  • Drivers who apply online should only use GOV.UK so they can be sure of dealing with DVLA directly and paying the lowest price for services that carry a fee.
  • By using GOV.UK when applying for services online, motorists can also ensure they avoid using third party websites. Such sites will often charge an additional fee for services that are free - or cost significantly less - on GOV.UK. Websites such as these are not connected with the DVLA in any way.
  • Customers can apply for a provisional licence online with DVLA on GOV.UK
  • Customers can find out more about renewing their driving licence and renew it online with DVLAon GOV.UK
  • If they are aged 70 or over, customers can renew their driving licence online with DVLA for free on GOV.UK
  • It’s free to renew a licence at the age of 70 or older, irrespective of the route chosen. (see video below)


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