Driving Test FEES

The test fees detailed below are effective from 1st October 2015 until present day.

Theory Test Booking online at GOV.UK Website

Practical Test Booking online at GOV.UK website

Don't use third party booking services because you could pay up to twice as much for your test as you would if you book directly with official GOV.UK website.

Theory test fees

Standard fee for car, motorcycle. £23.00
Potential / Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) £81.00
Standard fee for lorry and bus £23.00 + £11.00 (hazard test)

Practical test type

Weekday price

Weekday evening and
weekend price

Car £62.00 £75.00
Tractor and other specialist vehicles £62.00 £75.00
Motorcycle Module 1 £15.50 £15.50
Motorcycle Module 2 £75.00 £88.50
Lorry and bus £115.00 £141.00
Car and trailer £115.00 £141.00

1Extended test for disqualified drivers Weekday price Saturday price
Car £124.00 £150.00
Motorcycle Module 2 (on the road) £150.00 £177.00

1Extended tests are tests which can be ordered by the courts after disqualification.