How to Check
Windscreen Washer Fluid

For the practical test, the Tell Me/Show me question :-
Identify where the windscreen washer reservoir is and tell me how you would check the windscreen washer level.
What you have to do :-
Identify reservoir and explain how to check level.

Caution! Do not substitute engine anti-freeze for screen wash solution. This may result in damage to the paint.

Do not use washing up liquid. It contains salt which could ruin your paint work.

washer If your windscreen washer has a bottle (as shown LEFT), flip the tab open. Fill the bottle to the neck using windscreen washer fluid or water. During winter months water is likely to freeze so make sure 50% windscreen washer fluid is added. DO NOT USE ANTI-FREEZE

dip Some vehicles have washer bottles with only the filler tab visible. With these bottles, you check the fluid level by using your finger to plug the centre hole of the cap assembly (as shown RIGHT), then remove it from the bottle.
Fluid will be retained in the tube to indicate the current bottle level.

That's it. The Windscreen Washer fluid has been checked.

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